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  Not all people know how to eat so that nutrients are best absorbed and help to improve health.


The following are five principles worth to know listed byDailyhealthpost
*Eat based on the demand for nutrients:The demand for nutrients varies with different ages, health conditions, genders and exercise intensity. Therefore, each person needs to know which type of foods is required ensure sufficient energy and nutrients for their health. Therefore, it is hard to say whether one’s die is right or wrong.

*Minimize the use of salt: Salt isan indispensable spice for dishes. However, overuse of salt may result in incalculable harm. Many studies have shown that overuse of salt would lead to risks of hypertension, heart disease, heart failure, kidney failure, osteoporosis and so on.

*Add more spices to foods instead of using sauces: Not few people give uptheir healthy eating habits due to being fed up with foods’ flavors. This problem can be solved by adding spices that make foods more attractive and minimizing available sauces. Some spices contain antioxidants that enhance immune system to fight against diseases as well as play an active role in losing weight such as chili, ginger, cinnamon and turmeric.

*Let yourself get hungry: Many people control their hunger by dividing into many small meals.However, according to specialists, rigid application of this “preventive” method will result in reverse effect. Some people have their meals with a fixed schedule. They eat at meal time even though they are not hungry. This is a reason for increased calorie amount in body. It is good to let yourself get slightly hungry before the first small meal of the day. If you feel hungry 4 hours or earlier after your breakfast, it means you have not had enough breakfast. In contrast, if you feel hungry later, it means you have had your breakfast too much.

*Combine fruits with fat: Fruits contain enough antioxidants and are proved to protect our bodies from free radicals. The matter is fruits contain sugar. Health specialists believe that sugar level is blood will suddenly increase when we eat fruits alone. Therefore, it is recommended to combine fruits with fat and protein such as milk, yogurt, cheese or peanut butter.
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