• Tapioca is made from natural carbon molecule of modified plants to form accumulated sugar to form substances in the plants part (roots, stems and fruit) After a while, starch is found as an important ingredient used in food and industry.
Tinh bột sắn - tapioca

Product Description

  • Specifications:
  • Starch is highly potent, not easily dissolveable. After a while being in water, it will precipitate. Under high temperature, it’s structure will break and create a glue-like state that can be used for different purpose.
  • Starch may easily coral that easily stick, it is not onlyis it pure but the degeneration process is very slow. With high tension, the molecules retain a high stick level.
  • Use:
  • Tapioca is made from cassava plants once they are processed and separated by methodsof biochemistry, physics and chemistry. Not only is it use as food ingredient but also use in paper production. Tapioca is an essential ingredient in the industry use with fish, sausage, bread, meatball as a an adhensive to ferment and produce cake.
  • Package: 25kg, 50kg, 500kg and 850 kg.

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