Miwon Vietnam Co., Ltd specializes in producing, trading and importing spices and super seasonings for domestic use and export as well. The Company has imported and exported our products to major countries such as Korea, Indonesia, China since early days of incorporation.

   Main imported products are ingredients used in producing the Company’s products such as super seasonings, spices, mixed spices, fish sauce, soy sauce as well as machines from countries with advanced technologies in order to promote capacity and product quality. Besides, the Company always makes efforts to develop and expand imported products of good quality at optimal prices from other countries in the world to supply for domestic consumers. Such imported products as seaweeds and mayonnaise now receive positive response from customers. In the coming time, we will promote the exportation of agricultural products.

   Annually, the Company has contributed tens of billions of Vietnam dong to the State budget through import tax and been praised for well complying with the Law on import and export and fully paying taxes in year-end meetings of customs industry.