Since being founded in 1956 based on its bio-fermentation technology, Daesang Corporation has been striving to realize its vision of creating a happy future through the healthy food culture for the past half century as an international compay specializing in fermentation as well as the leading total food company in Korea with its annual sales of about one trillion KRW, 3,000 employees and 25 subsidiaries at domestic and abroad.
   Through its successful development of Korea’s first glutamic acid production technology from fermentation in 1962, Daesang Corporation virtually opened the first chapter of Korea’s bioindustry, and is rated as the bio-fermentation company with a global competitiveness through its development of the manufacturing technologies for 20 different kinds of various amino acids and nucleotides such as MSG, L-Phenylalamine and L-Glutamine.
   By applying the accumulated technologies from fermentation to processed foods, the company is leading the way in creating an abundant and healthy food culture for customers by producing the traditional paste assorts such as Soonchang Red Pepper Paste, the total seasonings Gamchimi and Matnawa, the seasoning assorts such as Matsunsang, which is a third generation seasoning using natural ingredients, the vinegars represented by Masinun Hongcho, the agricultural and marine foods such as salt-fermentations, western foods, frozen foods and meat processed foods, all centering on “Chungjungone”, the representative total food brand of Korea.
   As the largest starch and starch sugar manufacturer in Korea, Daesang Corporation is manufacturing and selling general starch used as the raw material for confectioneries and various processed foods, fructose widely used in carbonated drinks, oligosaccharide and starch syrup by processing corns. In 1999, the company made a big hit with Daesang Chlorella by actively entering into the domestic health business field, and established Daesang FNF by acquiring Jongga House, a producer of kimchi, in 2006 that became the opportunity to strengthen its refrigeration business.
   Upon changing its CI from Miwon to Daesang in 1997, the company is recreating itself as the leading total food company by establishing the base of its business structure to low-cost, high-profit form and participating in future-oriented new products and businesses while continually implementing management innovation movements through which it can actively respond to fast-changing management environments. Daesang Corporation seeks to become the top class company of the 21st century that garners the trust and love from the customers by providing the products and services that meet the needs of customers through the implementation of the corporate ideology that takes into account people, customers and the society.